The Power of Positive Thinking

When we walk through life we are bombarded by voices and experiences that shape our understanding of everything. What if those voices are abusive? Manipulative? What if we formed our relationships and our self worth based on misinformation? The lies and wounding that we carry with us can limit our God given identity and cause infinite misery.
I was given The Power of Positive Thinking by a man who told me it saved his mother’s life. She had been in psychiatric units for years and was often suicidal. After reading this book and putting it into practice she was able to have freedom from these patterns for years. I have rarely heard a stronger sales pitch. I was all in.
When I began reading this book it gave me the ability to bring scriptures and the Holy Spirit into the negative thought patterns and false beliefs that kept me running in circles and shifting with the wind. This book isn’t a magical pill that we take but it is an amazing start of a process that roots us in loving truth and the living God. In the 20+ years since I 1st read it I still practice things recommended and still return to it from time to time.
I like buying books and smelling pages while high lighting every other word but there is a link here where you can listen to the full audiobook. The youtube link attached below:)
Please let us know what you get out of the book or any thoughts on changing our negative thoughts through prayer, the bible, affirmations, whatever is on your heart:)

God bless,

Pastor Rich

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