Pastor’s Introduction


Rev. Richard Mollica Welcomes You

We view Pastoring as a family calling. My wife Vickie and I have been leading ministries in one form or another for our whole adult lives. When I received the position of Sr Pastor here at St John’s Vickie, our daughter Carmella, and
I all became a part of the beautiful loving community here at St John’s UCC.

Open, Honest, Loving: We are far from perfect but we see it as our calling to be transparent, honest, and loving rather than putting up a false image of perfection. We believe that honest humanity offered to Christ is better than any
false perfection out there.

We see in Christ the God, who created everything, made known. We see God willing to join in our world and love us at our worst. We also see a man who helped people when He was judged and ridiculed for it. We believe that we are made
in this image and called to move in the same way as members of God’s family.

The kingdom of God is a Kingdom that threatens every unjust system in this world while at the same time giving dignity and hope to all of humanity. We pray for God’s kingdom to come and then we go do the hard work of serving that Kingdom
in this troubled world.