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Recommended Resources for Healing and Growth

Check out these links to resources that will help with anything from addiction relief and mental health to grief healing and theology.

Addiction and Mental Health Ministry

Pastor Rich has spent his entire adult life working with people and families working through addiction and recovery. We are here to meet people wherever they are. We believe that God has a plan and a path and for people that leads
to freedom from addiction and we are here to support you on the journey.

Trauma/ Anxiety

We have worked extensively in trauma related ministries for many years. In scripture Jesus wept and resurrected with scars that were a symbol of healing. We believe that the church is a place where there is freedom to heal with God
and with each other.

Virtual or In-person Therapy Resources

The Peacemaker Center

Christina Samiyan/ Joyful Restoration

Diane Langberg

More Resources


Free content that helps people use acupressure to bring down anxiety and trauma related stress.


PESI Inc. provides cutting edge continuing education to professionals across the nation.


EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment that alleviates the distress associated with traumatic memories.


DBT focuses on teaching people strategies to help them live their best and most productive life.

Understanding the Bible

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a great YouTube channel filled with amazing animation that explains in beautiful detail each book of the Bible.

3 Minute Theology

A quick interesting YouTube channel that breaks down questions like: What did Jesus do on the cross? Why is there evil if God is good?

Ryan Reeves: Historical Theology for Everyone

There are times in church history that make us cheer and cry and times that make us learn from the horror of religion without love.

Malcolm Smith: Unconditional Love Fellowship

A great resource for understanding scripture in deeper ways that always take into deeper love.

Spirituality – Prayer and Meditation

The Center for Action and Contemplation

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest who has for decades looked at nature and silence as places to encounter God in deeply intimate ways. HIf you want to deepen your faith and increase your ability to rest in God’s presence
this is a great resource for learning how to be what you already most truly are.

Malcolm Smith Webinars

Malcolm teaches in a deep way that has great academic weight but the Spiritual depth of his sermons is unique. God calls us through Malcolm’s preaching to deeper love, deeper relationship, with the Trinity and to a life that
cannot be explained by small words like “religion”.

Quaker Speak

Quaker Speak is a look at life through the lens of Quaker spirituality. What is God saying? What is the lesson in this? How am I connected to you and to everything? What is the divine spark in us all? These are some of the
beautiful questions that we ask and that we can expect to receive whispered answers in response to.


Richard Foster wrote a beautiful book called “the Spirit of the Disciplines” a modern classic. He is one of the founders of Renovare and this group explores the Spirit behind the rituals and structures to find the life that
can get smothered under repetition and familiarity. Find new life and revelation in things that are older than the mountains.

Physical Health


Danielle Neatherly is not just a yoga instructor. She has a vast knowledge of trauma and addiction and is a person that I would trust my family with without hesitation. Her Christian Spirituality is rooted in love and
service and while she doesn’t preach her kindness and compassion do. I could not recommend her more. Virtual classes available.


Teacher Casey is absolutely amazing. I’ve watched her work with groups of the kids and groups of adults. She thoughtfully and empathically moves them into learning how to feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies.
Kids will learn fundemental things that they will need to navigate in school and in professional life and adults will feel motivated and capable of making healthy life change. Teacher Casey is a master martial arts instructor
but she is also an unbelievable teacher Online classes are available so distance is no barrier.

Human Trafficking Abolition Work

Pastor Rich has worked with trafficking victims and the families for many years and has been blessed to be a part of helping people both escape and heal from this immense evil. Pastor Rich provides trainings to communities to help
dispel myths about trafficking and to build the skills necessary to protect our kids and our communities. The average trafficking victim is a United States citizen who is a minor. Please help join St John’s and our partners in brining
God’s justice to this issue.

Healing Church Abuse

Churches have wounded many of us. We understand the desire to protect ourselves by cutting church out or even cutting God out in the light of some of the horrific experiences that people have had. We believe that God calls us to be
a part of a faith community and we believe that things like servant leadership, accountability, transparency, and healthy approaches to communication can create the potential for a healthy faith community. We hope to affirm people
experiences while offering an experience of something that heals and restores God’s intention for a loving dynamic community of faith.

Helpful Links

The Bethlehem Area CROPWalk

The annual Bethlehem CROPWalk raises funds to help with all sorts of food security issues in the Bethlehem area. They’re also one of St. John’s main mission partners.

Penn Northeast Conference

The UCC is the national church organization of which we’re a part, and the Penn Northeast Conference is the regional organization of churches throughout, well, northeast Pennsylvania, with opportunities and recourses for churches,
missions, youth, and everyone else.

Daily Devotional

One of the resources the UCC offers is this daily devotional that links the classic questions of faith with life in the modern world.

The Upper Room

Speaking of devotionals, the folks at the Upper Room have been providing a resource for daily spiritual reflection, and lots of other resources for the spiritual life, since 1935.

Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry

Sponsored by most of the UCC’s Pennsylvania conferences, the Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry offers affordable online courses in a variety of subjects for laypeople throughout Pennsylvania and the Northeast.

The Bach Choir of Bethlehem

The oldest Bach choir in the United States, the Bach Choir of Bethlehem remains today one of the finest classical choral groups in the country, with a full schedule of performances. They also offer their “Bach at Noon” series on the
second Tuesday of the month, which gives you the chance to hear great music for FREE!

Faith and Leadership

A great online resource for news about developments in Christian ministry, Faith and Leadership is the online magazine of Duke Divinity School’s Leadership Education program. They also offer a daily roundup of important religious

Pew Research Center Religion and Public Life

Another great source for information about contemporary religious issues.

New Bethany Ministries

Located on the South Side of Bethlehem, New Bethany Ministries provides vital food security, housing, and counseling support for individuals and families throughout the Lehigh Valley. They’re also one of St. John’s main mission