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When we are still and listening for what God, our bodies, our thoughts, and our souls are trying to communicate to us we begin to heal. “Be still (or let go) and know that I am God” psalm 46:10 is a call to be present with God and ourselves in the moment. When we take […]
The Bible can either be a transformative conversation between us and the infinite Spirit of God or a book that we read to reinforce our own ego, prejudices, politics, atheism, abuse, pathology, sports team, perspective on astroturf, etc. How can we have a genuine transformative experience as opposed to reinforcing what we already need to […]
How do we read the Bible? Does it contradict itself? Is like reading a magic 8 ball or a fortune cookie ???? To start off with there are a few things to understand about the Bible as we approach it. The bible is a library. There is poetry, narrative, proverbs, personal letters, parables, and symbolic […]
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