Now that you know something about us, you might want to check out some of our partners, friends, or other useful websites!

The United Church of Christ  Our denomination (that is, the national church organization of which St. John’s is a part,) the United Church of Christ has roots that stretch all the way to the Pilgrims and resources to help churches and people navigate the challenges of living as disciples of Christ today.

Penn Northeast Conference  The UCC is the national church organization of which we’re a part, and the Penn Northeast Conference is the regional organization of churches throughout, well, northeast Pennsylvania, with opportunities and recourses for churches, missions, youth, and everyone else.

Stillspeaking Daily Devotional  One of the resources the UCC offers is this daily devotional that links the classic questions of faith with life in the modern world.

The Upper Room  Speaking of devotionals, the folks at the Upper Room have been providing a resource for daily spiritual reflection, and lots of other resources for the spiritual life, since 1935.

Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry  Sponsored by most of the UCC’s Pennsylvania conferences, the Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry offers affordable online courses in a variety of subjects for laypeople throughout Pennsylvania and the Northeast.

The Bach Choir of Bethlehem  The oldest Bach choir in the United States, the Bach Choir of Bethlehem gave the first full American performances of the Christmas Oratorio and the Mass in B Minor, and remain today one of the finest classical choral groups in the country, with a full schedule of performances.  (They also offer their “Bach at Noon” series on the second Tuesday of the month, which gives you the chance to hear great music, beautifully performed, in a great location—and absolutely for FREE!)

Faith and Leadership  A great online resource for news about developments in Christian ministry, Faith and Leadership is the online magazine of Duke Divinity School’s Leadership Education program.  They also offer a daily roundup of important religious news.

Pew Research Center Religion and Public Life  Another great source for information about contemporary religious issues.

New Bethany Ministries  Located on the South Side of Bethlehem, New Bethany Ministries provides vital food security, housing, and counseling support for individuals and families throughout the Lehigh Valley.  They’re also one of St. John’s main mission partners.

Bethlehem Area CROPWalk  The annual Bethlehem CROPWalk raises funds to help with all sorts of food security issues in the Bethlehem area.  They’re also one of St. John’s main mission partners.

Bethany Children’s Home  Located in the Reading area and sponsored in part by the Penn Northeast Conference, Bethany Children’s Home has been providing critical care and support for at-risk children since 1863.

Phoebe  Another ministry sponsored by the Penn Northeast Conference, Phoebe is a non-profit organization that provides medical, rehabilitation, and residential services for Lehigh Valley senior citizens.

Moravian Theological Seminary  The Lehigh Valley’s hometown seminary, Moravian offers academic preparation for people planning on entering ministry, and a wide range of continuing education opportunities for clergy and laypeople.

Yale Divinity School  Easily the best seminary in the entire known universe, and we don’t just say that because our pastor graduated from there!