St. John’s Church of Farmersville

Easton, Pennsylvania

Farmersville, Pennsylvania was indeed a village which visualized the future of religion in their own back yard. It became increasingly difficult to travel to any nearby church because of the distance. Whenever a funeral was to be performed, it was an enormous inconvenience and undertaking. Situations were becoming very overwhelming and a general meeting of the Christian people around the area  considered the possibility of erecting a house of worship for themselves. So then, in January 1846, a committee was appointed to secure and purchase a parcel for a grave yard and build a church.

The corner stone was laid May 30 and 31, 1846. On January 30 and 31, 1847 the new church was formally consecrated to the worship of the Triune God. Many other events took place as well as alterations and improvements. In the 1930’s, deterioration of the old brick church reached a point that the state inspector determined the church unsafe and a new church was planned.

In November 1935, it was decided to construct a single German style stone edifice patterned after a Latin cross situated in the north side of Wm. Penn Highway by the triangle between the highway and Church Road. In April 1936, the corner stone was laid on the southwest corner of the church. In June 1936, the original corner stone from the old brick church was moved and laid it in the southeast corner of the new stone church. On May 1937, the new stone church was formally dedicated and consecrated to the worship of the Loving God for the good people of Farmersville, PA. Many additions, rennovations and dedications followed after the Great Depression which put things on hold for a time. Many organizations were formed (ie., Board of Directors, Music Committees and many worthwhile fund-raising groups). If you want to learn more history, click HERE.