When Christians celebrate the sacrament of Communion we are reminded of the price Jesus Christ was willing to pay to restore humanity’s full relationship to God, and of our need to have our individual relationships with God restored as well.  The celebration of Communion also provides us with the opportunity to consider not only our relationship with God, but our relationships with others as well.  Here at St. John’s we celebrate Communion just about once a month, according to the following schedule:

September 17, 2017  Rally Sunday
November 5, 2017  All Saint’s Sunday
December 24, 2017  Christmas Eve
February 11, 2018  Transfiguration Sunday
April 1, 2018  Easter
June 3, 2018  1st Sunday in June
August 1, 2018  1st Sunday in August

October 1, 2017  World Communion Sunday
December 3, 2017 1st Sunday in Advent
January 7, 2018  Epiphany Sunday
March 29, 2018 Maundy Thursday
May 20, 2018  Pentecost
July 1, 2018  1st Sunday in July
September 10, 2018  Rally Sunday

Since we believe that the Communion table is the table of Jesus Christ every celebration of Communion at St. John’s is open to everyone who wants to participate, regardless or anyone’s current or former church membership, or complete lack of church membership altogether—everyone is welcome!